The Beginning

If I had a dollar for every time I told myself that I would lose 20 lbs by summer, I probably wouldn't need a day job.  The reality of the situation is, that doesn't happen over night.  You don't just wake up and decide that you will never make that turn into the Taco Bell drive thru or that you won't walk down the frozen pizza aisle.  It  takes something more, something to completely wake up your inner determination.

Here's where it started…

Every year my work has this health screening that all associates who have health insurance need to take in order to keep benefits.


I wasn't obese, I had a gym membership and I loved smoothies.  I'm pretty sure the worst thing about a health screening is that you have to fast prior to actually going.  Which for me, was the ENTIRE day. Yup, I was smart and waited till the last day and the last time slot to schedule this screening.   The day couldn't go by fast enough.  I swear I sped on the freeway because I knew, the faster I got this over and done with, the faster I could EAT.

The funny thing about this entire situation, is that before finding out my metrics, nothing was bad.  The doctor greeted me with a nice conversation, asking about family and such.  We talked about what I've been doing and anything changes in my eating habits.  Everything good.

26 years old and I just found out that according to the company I worked for, I was obese. To be honest, before that day, I didn't know how much I weighed.  Those three magic numbers, 220 were printed so beautifully on my sheet.  Some might say that it's not that bad but for a girl who is barely hitting 5'1… that's bad.  I didn't comprehend anything the doctor said after that, all I could think about was that I was considered obese.

You WOULD THINK that after hearing that I would have had an immediate change to a healthy lifestyle.  That wasn't the case.  I bought myself some carne asada fries and went home to sulk.

I will always remember that day and what I did.  That sad part is that it didn't kick in that I needed to change until two months later.  TWO more months of unhealthy living before I decided to do anything.

This won't be your typical weight loss story.  I went through a lot of obstacles and had times where I thought I would quit.  I hope you keep reading to find out what happens.